Firewall Blocking Essentials?

Due to a certain episode around Easter this year, a number of changes were made to the firewall security policy to make it more secure. Since then a great deal of work has gone into identifying web-based applications that are in use and making sure they’re allowed through the firewall.

But in all likelihood, we’ve missed a few.

So it makes sense to test everything that you use for teaching (or anything else) to see if it works properly. If it doesn’t :-

  1. Connect to the VPN (whether you are at home or on campus).
  2. Try again
  3. Raise a servicedesk job requesting that “it” be allowed. To make it easier the following would be helpful :-
    1. What username you logged into the VPN with.
    2. Around what date and time did you try – the more accurate and precise you can make this, the better.
    3. A description of the application and why it is required.
    4. If you received an error, what was the text of the error message?

Don’t worry if it’s just a “nice to have” application – whilst there are security reasons for saying no, that is relatively rare and we’re not inclined to say no to something that looks like entertainment (for example).

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