Security and Using Artificial Intelligence

Over the past year or so, we have had a bit of an upsurge in the use of “artificial intelligence” with things like ChatGPT, etc. An interesting development – particularly amusing when I started my career with a summer job working at a company doing AI.

So far there have been no big well publicised security incidents regarding AI, so in general it is being allowed through the firewall.

On the other hand, AIs thrive on information – if you upload data into an AI for it. to answer a question, there is a significant risk that the information will be used to enhance the AI’s ‘knowledge base’. And in turn, that information may be ‘leaked’ to third parties when they use the same AI instance.

So it would be advisable to be careful of what information you make available to an AI. Certainly uploading any personal information on say students would be strongly discouraged. Research data? It depends on how public you want it to be.

In some cases, contracts may also restrict making data ‘public’.

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