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‘Order Number 86514719983′ = malicious email

A large-scale malware distribution campaign targeting University staff and users is being reported.   Users might receive an email with the distinctive subject line ‘Order Number 86514719983′; the number seems to be random and many users are reporting many different numbers: If you … Continue reading

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Slaying The Internet Hoaxes

One of the things you quickly learn about the Internet is that it is full of hoaxes. Things like the following that arrived on my Facebook feed this morning :- Whilst it is fairly easy to see that this one … Continue reading

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Ongoing Phishing Attack: “Hello”, “Delivery Failure”, “Secure Adobe”

We are subject to an ongoing phishing attack with emails being sent with the Subject of “Hello” and the contents appearing similar to :- Hello, I sent you this document earlier but I notice the failure delivery , so I … Continue reading

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