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Security Conference: 30C3

The content pointed to here is a bit more technical than is usually posted here, but this blog is not just for introductory material. Basically I’ve been through many of the 30C3 videos and picked out some of the more … Continue reading

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Updating Servers: Painting The Forth Bridge

Unfortunately the old analogy does not work as well as it used to, as the Forth Bridge is not being painted constantly (and in fact was never the case!). However there is a permanent maintenance crew working on the bridge, so it … Continue reading

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Heartbleed: Password Advice

This is of course a rapidly changing situation, so the advice may well change. The main Heartbleed blog entry has a bit of information about what to do about passwords, but to make it more plain … University Accounts In … Continue reading

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Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability

Given the serious nature of this vulnerability, it is worth taking the unusual step of explaining what it is and what makes it so serious. The vulnerability can be found within certain versions of a software component called OpenSSL. This … Continue reading

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