Have You Changed Your Password Recently?

When was the last time you changed your account password(s)? More than a year ago? Then it is probably time you changed your password :-

Changing your password regularly accomplishes several things :-

  1. It meets the UoP password policy requirements – you are required to change your password regularly. Even if it is inconvenient. And that isn’t IS saying so; it is the University’s policy.
  2. It updates your password with the latest ideas on what makes a strong password – providing that you are following the advice. A password that was strong 5 years ago is now probably a weak password.
  3. It solves the problem of password “leakage”. If your account password has been disclosed (for whatever reason), or even worse is being used by someone maliciously, then changing your account password fixes this.

The biggest problem with changing your password is remembering all the places where it may be stored :-

  • On all your devices configured to connect to the Eduroam network (including all your phones); as you change your password here, remember to verify that your username is entered as username@port.ac.uk so it will work at remote Eduroam locations.
  • Within your mail client (if you have one).
  • Within your web browser if you have made the mistake of allowing it to remember your password for sites using your University account password.
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