Ongoing Phishing Attack: “Hello”, “Delivery Failure”, “Secure Adobe”

We are subject to an ongoing phishing attack with emails being sent with the Subject of “Hello” and the contents appearing similar to :-


I sent you this document earlier but I notice the failure delivery , so I
had to re-upload using secure adobe. View here
and lo-gin your email to access the document as its very important.

Thank you.

If you click on the link, it takes you to a form to fill out with your email address and password. Once filled in the account details are sent on to a spammer. The form looks like below :-


Because the sender of the spam message is often with an address of or it may look a bit more trustworthy than normal. However it is not.

Please avoid clicking on email links, and please do not fill in your account details into forms that look suspicious.

When accounts are being compromised by spammers in this way, the accounts are being disabled by Google. We cannot simply re-enable the accounts without appropriate action, or our entire Google App domain is at risk.

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