Be Careful What You Screenshot …

One of the latest stories from the security world is about a Christian pastor caught undertaking the kind of web browser activity you would not expect (or maybe you would) because he had taken a screenshot (presumably to capture the results of a search) which in addition to the information he expected, also contained the titles of web pages on other tabs.

However amusing (or not) we may find this story, it is a good reminder that whenever we distribute information of any kind it is worth bearing in mind stories like this and check.

  • If you are sending someone a screenshot, either make sure the rest of the screen does not contain information you do not want to be disclosed, or edit down the screenshot so that it only shows the area of interest (i.e. just the error message).
  • If you are forwarding an email onto someone who has not been part of the discussion, is there part of the email that you should possibly not share? Forwarding a whole chain of conversation has led in the past to legal action!
  • When sharing a Google document in editable form, does the revision history contain any embarrassing revisions? Anyone with rights to edit can browse through every version of that document!
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