Keeping Secret Google Meetings Secret

It is possible that some people are unaware (certainly I wasn’t; at least not this week) that it is possible that information about meetings can be seen not by looking at someone’s shared diary but looking at the room booked.

Specifically you can see the subject and the agenda of meetings (if it was included) if you can view a room’s “diary”.

If you happen to set up meetings that involve sensitive information, you may want to be aware and either do not include any sensitive information in the meeting subject/agenda (the one within the Google calendar). Or …

Whilst setting up a meeting, you can change the visibility of the meeting from “Default visibility” to “Private” and the details of your meeting will not show up. See :-

The relevant drop-down appears alongside “Busy”.

Just for the record, I’ve never booked a meeting with a location specified as vaguely as “Somewhere with a bar”.

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