Do Not Attach Network Equipment to the UoP Network

It can be very tempting for a quick solution (especially for a temporary bodge) to attach network equipment up the University network. Don’t do it.


In the past it was unusual for network equipment to be so widely available, so this has not previous been a problem. However, with widespread home networks, it is becoming a problem. Naïvely attaching domestic (or enterprise) network equipment to a production network can have rather severe consequences.

On occasions entire building networks have been taken out of service due to this sort of issue.

Network switches, routers, and bridges can in some circumstances cause all sorts of disruption at a low level, which can be very hard to trace.

Any wireless equipment will cause a performance issue for anyone within the range of the transmitter.

Even ordinary computers can be configured in a way that will work perfectly fine in a domestic environment, but can cause disruption on an enterprise network.

Lastly it should be noted that attaching unauthorised equipment can (and has in some cases) resulted in your connection to the UoP network being withdrawn with no notice.

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