Security Conference: 30C3

The content pointed to here is a bit more technical than is usually posted here, but this blog is not just for introductory material. Basically I’ve been through many of the 30C3 videos and picked out some of the more interesting ones in terms of security.

Having said that there’s more technical content in here than normal, it’s also the case that the first section concentrates less on the technical and more on the issues relating to privacy and surveillance.



Keynote by Glenn Greenwald

EUDataP: State of the Union

European data protection legislation progress.

Anonymity and Privacy in Public Space and On The Internet

#SOPA, #NSA, And The New Internet “Lobby”

Through A PRISM, Darkly

Everything we know about the NSA spying …

ID Cards in China

India’s Surveillance State


Script Your Car

Add Python to the Bluetooth controller on the car’s CAM bus.

Exploitation of SD Cards

Using the microcontrollers in the SD card.

Hardening Hardware and Choosing a #goodBIOS

Making computers secure. Extreme solution 🙂

SCADA StrangeLove2

Hacking on ICS/SCADA stuff.

Implications Of Internet Wide Scanning (Zmap)

Firmware Fatcamp & the Funtenna

Bug Class Genocide

Eliminating buffer overflows (and similar attacks) by using fat pointers and bounds checking.

Revisiting “Trusting Trust” For Binary Tool Chains

Turing completeness in loaders, page tables, etc.

RFID Treehouse of Horror

White Box Crypto

Dos and Don’ts of Disclosure

What you should do and should not do when discovering security vulnerabilities.

War Games in Memory

Memory corruption attacks.

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